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Enjoy the Flavors of Japan!!

Promotion at Chef's Live Kitchen, Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

From July 14 to September 30, 2017, Chef’s Live Kitchen will offer buffet menus using ingredients from Hokkaido. This is the 9th collaboration with Chef’s Live Kitchen’s Executive Chef, Mr. Tsukuda and gourmet journalist, Mr. Toryu. In the past, similar promotion fairs were conducted at Chef's Live Kitchen for Niigata, Kumamoto, Ehime, Ise / Shima, Tohoku, and other Japanese regions.

Often considered as the last frontier of Japan, Hokkaido has a high reputation for its agriculture and fishery. Menus offered during this fair are made of fruits and vegetables nourished in the vast nature of Hokkaido and their freshest seafood. About 30 different dishes including soup, salad, appetizer, noodle, hot dish, and dessert are available for you to enjoy. These menus were developed by Mr. Tsukuda who traveled all the way from Rumoi and Mashike in the north of Hokkaido to Tokachi and Tomakomai fishing port in the south. The Executive Chef selected the ingredients by interacting and communicating directly with the producers and developed original recipes for this fair.

The first dish, “Horse radish, Chicken and Summer Vegetable Soup” made with chicken and vegetables from Hokkaido, is served at the table along with a drink of your choice. The restaurant offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from Hokkaido. For alcoholic beverages, you can choose from Otaru Kerner Sparking Wine, red and white wine from Hokkaido, North Island Beer Weizen and Brown Ale, Hokkaido Haskap Mojito, and 100% Milk Peach Yogurt Smoothie. The last two cocktails are also available as non-alcoholic.

“The Lamb Cooked by Cocotte Style”

“Sorghum and Potato Quiche”

“Salmon and Vegetable with Miso and Butter Sauce”
“Roasted Deer with Horse Radish Sauce”

"Haskap Jelly"

If you are in Tokyo, don't miss this great chance to take bites of Hokkaido without spending the time to travel!

Hokkaido Promotion
Dates: July 14 (Fri), 2017 – September 30 (Sat), 2017
Place: 3F Chef’s Live Kitchen

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