Sake World Newsletter Issue #202

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Welcome to issue #202 of the Sake World email Newsletter. You may recall back in October of 2017, in issue #200, I announced I would be taking a break from writing the newsletter. I then cranked out one more the next month, and after that started my break. After a lively and spirited autumn and winter in the sake world, a bit more leeway and placidity has come my way, and I will be taking advantage of that to get back to a monthly publishing schedule.

April 1 is the start of many things in Japan – the fiscal year, the school year, cherry blossoms bloom, and sake brewing all but wraps up for the season. It portends a new beginning to all kinds of things in our daily lives, with nature and her seasons augmenting that with change all around us. The sake industry continues to change too, yet its long history runs palpably through every sip of every glass. Let’s all enjoy sake this month with that in mind.

This month we look – for the first time in a long time – how sake is separated from the rice solids, and the pros and cons of the various methods. We also look at the significant organizational changes in the ranks of toji (master brewers) over the last 30 years.

Enjoy the newsletter, and the forthcoming warmer weather, John
John Gauntner
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