Sake2020 Event May 24 with Masumi

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Sake Salon #17
真 澄 "Masumi"

"Masumi", is a legendary sake brand that is revered by many sake lovers throughout Japan and is also well respected by other Japanese sake breweries.
"Masumi" is brewed by Miyasaka Jozo, which was founded in 1662. Over its long history, Miyasaka Jozo has known its share of success and hardship. However, with the arrival of Chisato Kubota, the toji brew master, the fortune of the brewery and the Masumi brand took a turn for the better. Through his perseverance and dedication to brewing high quality and great tasting sake, Kubota was able to help revitalize the Masumi brand and it began to win 1st prizes in annual sake competitions and build a strong reputation and following in Japan. Masumi is also well known for being the origin of "Kyokai Number 7 Yeast", which is still used by many breweries all over Japan.

Keith Norum, who is in charge of the overseas operations for Masumi will be our guest this month. He will entertain us with the fascinating history of the Miyasaka Jozo brewery and will lead us through a tasting of a variety of delicious Masumi sake.

Seats are limited to about 20 people, so please hurry to reserve your spot soon.
■ Date: Thursday, May 24th., 2018 19:00~21:00
■ Place: JSS Information Center (3min walk from Toranomon on the Ginza Line)
1-6-15 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003 Tel 03-3519-2091
■ Fee: 5,000yen (a light meal will be served with sake)
■ To apply: Please send an email to

John Gauntner
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