Proposing a healthy low-carb diet with luo han guo and gluten-free

~ ~ DAYS FACTORY Co., Ltd - President, Nobuaki MIYATA

Q: What kind of company is Days Factory?

Our main mission is to discover, manufacture, and deliver products that are “necessary for healthy living”, “make a happy lifestyle”, and “support a fulfilling life”. Recently, we are putting emphasis on importing good tasting gluten-free products from abroad in order to propose a healthy and low-carb diet.

Q: What are your most popular products?

Gluten-free cookies from an Australian cookie producer called “Byron Bay Cookies” are quite popular. They have just entered the Japanese market. In 1990, they started their business in Byron Bay, an area located on the eastern end Australia, baking and selling traditional recipes inherited from a farming family. They have a halal certification in Australia and have been chosen by Qantas, a flag carrier of Australia.
Their most popular item is the single wrap cookies with 4 different variations in taste: Triple Choc Fudge, Chai Late, White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut, and Sticky Date and Ginger. Each piece is 60g. The gluten-free cookie bag (150g) is another hit product. We’re planning to import packages that are good for gifts.

>Q: Is gluten-free starting to be fixed in the market or is it just a boom?

It’s starting to be known to the Japanese people through words of top athletes and fashion leaders, but it hasn’t come to the point where it is part of our everyday life. Once better tasting gluten-free products start becoming more easily accessible by people wanting those items, we’re getting a step closer to having gluten-free fixed in the market.

Q: I heard that “luo han guo flavored nuts” were popular at the tradeshow. Tell us more about this item.

Many type of nuts are fried or flavored with salt, but our product only uses luo han guo for natural flavoring. It is free of oil, salt, artificial colors / flavors, and additives. It is completely natural. We roast nuts that are rich in healthy fats, minerals and fiber, and coat it with natural, 0-calorie sweetness of luo han guo abundant in vitamin E, calcium, and iron. Luo han guo acts as a natural antioxidant and protects the nuts from losing its flavor and freshness. It goes well with coffee or tea and can be eaten as an alternative for chocolate or salted nuts when you have a drink.

Q: Could you explain more about “luo han guo” and how it is popular among people on a low-carb diet?

Luo han guo, also known as the “fruit of longevity”, is a rare fruit that could only be grown in the mountainous area of Guilin, China. The fruit grown in this limited environment is rich in minerals and have antioxidant effects. In addition, the sweetness of luo han guo comes from a group of triterpene glycosides, a 0-calorie substance that does not get absorbed in your body like glucose or other sweeteners. It is a natural“SOD-like activity foods”that help take away active oxygen, it contains water-soluble fiber that activates intestinal flora, and contains 16 times as much natural vitamin E, calcium, and iron as brown rice.
In China, people consume it as luo han guo tea, and the type we import are high-quality luo han guo that could be used for tea.

Q: Finally, tell us why you chose to work with luo han guo and gluten free products.

Before I founded Days Factory, I belonged to a major distribution group for 18 years. While I was there, I felt that the number of people with allergies, poor health conditions, and mental issues has increased. At the time, I was interested in food allergies and did some research. I found out that as the consumption volume of wheat, egg, and dairy increased, the number of people with allergies increased. It made me think again that we are made up of what we eat. Although we’re living a much more convenient life than before, economical performance has a strong priority in our diet. I’ve always wanted to do something to improve this situation and provide something that is safe, healthy, and delicious. While I was searching, I came upon gluten-free products that tasted good. In the future, I want to distribute our current products including luo han guo items at lower prices. Instead of attracting media coverage because of the trend, I want to engage in activities that will make people feel glad that they have easier access to safe and delicious foods.