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Story of Nakayama-Kichishoen ~ Wholesale and retail of Green Tea for 150 years since 1865 ~

"Our mission is to provide high-grade tea at reasonably low prices." Nakayama is the sixth generation of Nakayama-Kichishoen.
. ... Click here for more detail

Where is a dog? - Fine food & art café -

“I want ‘Where is a dog?’ to be the kind of cafe that straightforwardly tackles food, which builds the human body and links to life”.
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Get Beautiful, Healthy Relaxation at Nagomi NATULURE

Our greatest hope is for our customers to drink something that is not only delicious, but also healthy. That is why we work with the concept of "beautiful, healthy relaxation". The café's name, Nagomi NATULURE, is coined from the words "natural", "cure", "pure", and "sure". ... Click here for more detail

add or change -Bright InnerBeauty & Healthcare-

“Bright” is an expression of my wish for everyone to lead a more brilliant life in terms of heart, health, and beauty. Also, I have a desire to work with food like a doctor does with medicines; to dispense diet prescriptions in a way that can be easily consumed and “add or change” one’s everyday life. ... Click here for more detail

Grab a Bite of Healthy and Fulfilling Falafel at FALAFEL BROTHERS

The keywords are “healthy, active, and fullness”. Most importantly, the menu must be vegan, healthy, and large in size so that male customers can be satisfied too. ... Click here for more detail

Brighten up your morning at eggcellent

I'm thinking of approaches other than eggs. For example, a nice coffee mug would make you want to get up earlier than usual and a handcrafted plate would make you want to make breakfast. I want to try new things that brighten up your morning. ... Click here for more detail

Perfectly Happy Foods

Raw Vegan Cheese Cake, Raw Vegan Chocolate Cake, Raw Vegan Butter, Raw Vegan Cheeses, Vegan Gooey Nachos, Vegan & Gluten Free Cookies, Vegan & Gluten Free Macaroon and more. All recipes and products we provide at our +HOLIC are vegan and gluten free. ... Click here for more detail

Spreading the Buckwheat Love with Gluten-Free Galettes

We get our buckwheat from a farm in Iijimamachi, Nagano Prefecture. This farm produces buckwheat using farming methods that are friendly to the environment. They are currently our contractor and we purchase unpolished buckwheat ... Click here for more detail

All for “Health and Happiness” of the Family

J-FOODS was established to propose the traditional diet that leads to “health & happiness” of our future children and their families. This is a “current” diet proposal that prevents illnesses (including pre-symptomatic state) and biased views. ... Click here for more detail

Proposing a healthy low-carb diet with luo han guo and gluten-free

Our main mission is to discover, manufacture, and deliver products that are “necessary for healthy living”, “make a happy lifestyle”, and “support a fulfilling life”. Recently, we are putting emphasis on importing good tasting gluten-free products from abroad in order to propose a healthy and low-carb diet... Click here for more detail

Interviewing Mr. Hidetsugu Muraki of Organic Foods Life PART1

Interview series with one of the pioneers of Japanese gluten free item developer and producer, Mr. Muraki. The establishment of his company, Organic Foods Life, dates back to 2003. With the motto of safety first and production with care, the company is now in its 14th year working on gluten free and organic products of different varieties..... Click here for more detail

Healthy and Organic Life with BIOCA

Founded in 1996, BIOCA took notice of organic foods that were popular in the West. At the time, the organic JAS standard did not exist and they only handled imported products that were certified outside of Japan. The Japanese organic JAS certification began in 2000 and BIOCA was certified as organic JAS importer in 2001 and organic JAS producer.... Click here for more detail

Why Super Foods Now?

~ Conrad Tokyo serves “super food” menus for self-medication at all of their restaurants for 2 months during the summer period from July 1st to August 31st, 2016 ~ Interview with Conrad Tokyo Rie TANIHATA, Director of Marketing Communications... Click here for more detail

Vegan, Organic, and Natural Cold-Pressed Juice Stand, Trueberry

Third Branch of Vegan, Organic, and Natural Cold-Pressed Juice Stand, Trueberry, Opens in Omotesando. Interview with Naoko Nishimura, Owner of “Trueberry”... Click here for more detail

T.Y.FARM - Be Local, Live Organic -

Concerned by the increasing number of agricultural products and other foods gone to waste every year, Warehouse TERRADA started a project in the primary industry and named it T.Y.FARM. This agricultural project began in April 2015, focusing on the potential of agriculture in Tokyo metropolis. T.Y.FARM has the following three purposes.... Click here for more detail

“GF Foods: The Potential of Sorghum”

The U.S. Grains Council develops export markets for U.S. barley, corn, grain sorghum and related products, including ethanol and distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS). At least 90% is used for animal feed; but with the rise and interest in healthy diet options, efforts are being made to promote the use of barley and sorghum as foods... Click here for more detail

The First Stand-Alone Raw Sweets Store in Japan

Greedy Raw Sweets Daikanyama was founded on August 8th, 2015 as the very first stand-alone raw sweets store in Japan. All the raw sweets available here are gluten free, sugar free, egg free, and dairy free. Varieties of super foods are used abundantly so you can enjoy eating highly nutritious sweets that will make you healthy..... Click here for more detail