Vegan, Organic, and Natural Cold-Pressed Juice Stand, Trueberry

ntervinterview with Naoko Nishimura, Owner of "Trueberry"

Q. Why did you decide to open a juice stand?

I've been in the food service industry for a long time and knew this was path I wanted to take. I also enjoy healthy lifestyles including smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and gluten-free diets. I switched my diet when I was pregnant with my first child and wanted to share that experience with other people. I want to do something that creates a brighter future for my children. At the time I opened the first shop in Hiroo 2 years ago, there were not many cold-pressed juice bars in Tokyo but the number has increased since then.

Q. What kind of menu do you provide?

The Hiroo branch has the widest variety and serves vegan, gluten-free, and raw food menus in addition to cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Our newest Omotesando branch serves light meals too. There are 6 types of cold-pressed juices and 30 types of smoothies.

Q. What’s the concept of your store?

Vegan, natural, and organic.

>Q. Who are your main customers?

Women in their 20s to 40s are my main customers. Cold-pressed juices could be pricy but I’m starting to see a wider range of customers including male customers.

Q. How do you see the cold-pressed juice market?

I'm seeing more and more juice bars opening in Tokyo and there’s no doubt that it will become the new standard in the future. It’s a special market right now, but more people will shift their lifestyles and start taking in smoothies and juices into their diet.

Q. How are the ingredients supplied?

We get fresh fruits and vegetables from over 20 organic farms in Japan. I visit different farms all across Japan and choose with my own eyes.

Q. Do you develop all the menus?

We develop as a team. The menu changes throughout the year since we only use fresh and seasonal ingredients that are shipped directly from the farms. Since all vegetables and fruits we use are domestically grown, organic, and free of chemical fertilizers, we only get and use what is grown during that season.

Q. What makes your shop special?

We are very careful with the selection of ingredients. Trueberry is the best place to go for someone who truly values organic foods.

Q. You have just opened your third store in Omotesando. How do you see your future business development?

I’m not thinking of opening new juice stands at this moment since there are limits on the supply of organic ingredients we get from the farms. My mission is to spread the wonderful organic vegetables and fruits to the Japanese people. I will start my own farm next year in Nagano and work to provide those fresh produce in shops or online stores. Creating and strengthening the network with farmers and promoting organic vegetables will become my main activities. I want to raise more awareness of organic vegetables and support organic farms so that they could make a living.