Pocket Concierge promises you superb dining experiences served only by primer restaurants

with the "Uber-like" online reservation and payment experience.

Pocket Concierge is an online service which covers reservation to payment

for rarely bookable restaurants, including but not limited to, the Michelin starred.

You can choose a prix fixe and paring drink and settle in advance online, relieving you from language anxiety.

071 Sushi MASUDA (鮨 ます田)

The "Edomaezushi", Edo (ancient name for Tokyo) style traditional sushi, succeeding the heritage of one renowned three-star sushi restauran. From the way it is cooked and arranged, to its size and tenderness, the chef pays particular attention to the rice. .... Click here for more detail

072 Florilege (フロリレージュ)

A French restaurant led by Chef Kawate, who trained and flourished at the renowned and distinguished Tokyo restaurants Le Bourguignon and Quintessence. From the cuisine to the service and interior design, the chef's dedication to detail can be seen everywhere .... Click here for more detail

073 Ristorante HONDA (リストランテ ホンダ)

Owner-cum-chef Honda completed his training in Italy and France. He then worked as Sous-Chef de Cuisine at Al Porto in Nishi-Azabu before opening this restaurant. Honda's style is based on classic Italian, into which he incorporates the Japanese sensibility for seasonal ingredients .... Click here for more detail

074 Shinjuku Kappo NAKAJIMA (新宿割烹 中嶋)

Washoku, Kappo
A first-rate Japanese restaurant, dedicated to progress while preserving its long standing tradition. While offering cuisine rooted in Japanese culinary tradition, .... Click here for more detail

075 Yotsuya Uemura (四谷 うえ村)

Washoku, Kappo
A washoku restaurant established in Araki-cho by owner chef who trained in famous restaurants in Kyoto and Tokyo. Offering nothing but omakase (chef's choice) course, the restaurant features cuisine that brings out the umami flavor .... Click here for more detail

078 Bistot Taka (Bistrot Taka)

Bistrot, French
A friendly cozy house, this Bistro is located in a quiet residential area near Yushima shrine. The chef serves authentic flavors of France where he gained his experiences. This Bistro is a cozy house located near Yushima Tenmangu shrine .... Click here for more detail

079 GINZA Chez Tomo(銀座シェ・トモ)

One's five senses are stimulated by its location, interior and presentation at this French restaurant in Ginza. The store is uncompromising in its pursuit for finest ingredients. Freshness, its origin, aroma, and texture are emphasized in equal measure.... Click here for more detail

080 Wolfgang's Steakhouse Marunouchi
(ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス 丸の内店)

The Marunouchi branch of a popular steakhouse in the United States. We use "USDA Prime" grade meat, which has been marked with the highest level of quality by the United States Department of Agriculture, and aged long-term in a specialized aging warehouse to concentrate .... Click here for more detail

081 Genyadana Hamadaya(玄冶店 濱田家)

Washoku, Kaiseki
A long-standing restaurant that was founded in 1912 on the site of a famous kabuki theater, Genyadana. The restaurant allows guests to get a taste of the changing seasons, with the strictly selected seasonal ingredients that arrive every morning, .... Click here for more detail

082 RyuGin(龍吟)

Three Michelin starred, RyuGin provides some of the finest cuisine that is the pride of Japan, capturing the attention of the world. The dishes that owner and head chef Mr. Seiji Yamamoto creates continue to thrill and delight not only the people of Japan, but also customers.... Click here for more detail

083 EdiTionN Koji Shimomura (EdiTioN Koji Shimomura)

A French restaurant located on the ground floor of a skyscraper, directly connected to Roppongi-itchome Station. The chef, Mr. Shimomura who trained at a three-star restaurant in France, currently organizes several international cooking events..... Click here for more detail

084 Kanda (かんだ)

With no written menu, experience the ultimate feeling of spontaneity in this three starred restaurant that has obtained three stars from Michelin Guidebook. The concept of this restaurant is “to bring sensation to one's eyes and hands.” He is attentive and considerate .... Click here for more detail

085 Tempura Osaka (天ぷら 逢坂)

A Simple Tempura Shop that Brings Out the Food's Best Taste. Fresh ingredients, carefully selected in Tsukiji fish market, are lightly fried in a mellow blend of cottonseed and sesame oils. Always kept simple and not needlessly fancy. .... Click here for more detail