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082 RyuGin(龍吟)

Three Michelin starred, RyuGin provides some of the finest cuisine that is the pride of Japan, capturing the attention of the world. The dishes that owner and head chef Mr. Seiji Yamamoto creates continue to thrill and delight not only the people of Japan, but also customers.... Click here for more detail

083 EdiTionN Koji Shimomura (EdiTioN Koji Shimomura)

A French restaurant located on the ground floor of a skyscraper, directly connected to Roppongi-itchome Station. The chef, Mr. Shimomura who trained at a three-star restaurant in France, currently organizes several international cooking events..... Click here for more detail

093 #uni (ウニ)

Experience the joy of selecting from a wide choice of seafoods. Their fresh ingredients are directly shipped from all over Japan ranging from Hokkaido, the northern end of Japan, to Okinawa, the southern .... Click here for more detail

048 Japanese Kaiseki cuisine KITAOHJI TORANOMON SARYO
(個室会席 北大路 虎ノ門茶寮)

Washoku, Tempura
Experience the seasonal Japanese cuisines at KITAOHJI TORANOMON SARYO’s private dining rooms. It has just newly opened on September 14, 2015 reflecting the needs of many foreign visitors.... Click here for more detail

049 Rio Grande Grill Roppongi(リオグランデグリル 六本木)

Churrasco Brazilian Barbecue
Rio Grande Grill Roppongi is a Brazilian BBQ (churrasco) restaurant that is located 2 minutes away from Roppongi Station. Skewered beef, other types of meat, and seafood .... Click here for more detail

051 Kyubey (The Main) (久兵衛 ザ・メイン店)

Washoku, Sushi
Highly acclaimed as one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan, Kyubey offers the ultimate experience of dining sushi that is regarded as a form of art.
.... Click here for more detail

052 Sekishin-tei (石心亭)

The restaurant stands in a quiet Japanese garden with a history of over 400 years located in Hotel New Otani. As you dine, take in the beautiful scenery beyond the wide window .... Click here for more detail

053 Tempura Horikawa (Hotel New Otani)
(天婦羅ほり川 ホテルニューオータニ店)

Washoku, Tempura
Try the traditional tastes of Japan, made with carefully selected ingredients and highly trained techniques. Their thin and crispy tempura batter is healthy and amazingly light. .... Click here for more detail

054 Japanese Cuisine Horikawa(日本料理ほり川 ホテルニューオータニ店)

Washoku, Shabu-shabu, Nabe
Japanese Cuisine Horikawa is a long standing restaurant at Hotel New Otani with a history of 50 years. You can enjoy course menus, shabu-shabu using Japanese Black, and blow fish nabe .... Click here for more detail

055 Shabu-shabu・sushi HASSAN(しゃぶしゃぶ・すし 八山)

Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu 
Hassan has been operating for 35 years, providing “luxury” of dining in private rooms and genuine “hospitality.” Try the “all-you-can-eat course” of high-grade sushi, tempura, and crab shabu-shabu .... Click here for more detail


The biggest yakiniku chain in the industry opened a flagship restaurant of aged beef in Akasaka. Nikugen serves Black Angus of Prime CAB at an unbelievably low price. .... Click here for more detail

095 DASHIHIDE(だし秀)

Washoku, Kappo, Shabu-shabu, Izakaya
Soup at Dashihide contains Sōdabushi (dried bullet mackerel), Sadabushi (dried blue mackerel), Nagasaki-produced Iriko (dried sardine), baked Flying Fish, Natural Kombu from Hidaka, .... Click here for more detail


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