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079 GINZA Chez Tomo(銀座シェ・トモ)

One's five senses are stimulated by its location, interior and presentation at this French restaurant in Ginza. The store is uncompromising in its pursuit for finest ingredients. Freshness, its origin, aroma, and texture are emphasized in equal measure.... Click here for more detail

034 Yasai Kaiseki Nagamine(八菜懐石 長峰)

Washoku, Kaiseki
Nagamine of Tsukiji, which has had a good eye for vegetables as a wholesaler for over 60 years, has opened a shop in Ginza. It serves innovative but sound kaiseki ryori, built on discerning care .... Click here for more detail

035 Maruushi Meat (Ginza Honten) (焼肉居酒屋 マルウシミート 銀座本店)

Izakaya, Yakiniku
Marushi is a restaurant in Ginza where you can enjoy Japanese beef and wine. By not intervening any intermediaries, they are able to serve you the best taste at an “unbelievable” price. .... Click here for more detail

036 Sushi Ginza Fukusuke (The Main) (鮨処 銀座 福助 本店)

Enjoy fresh sushi using a wide range of seasonal seafood! Through thorough preparation and highly skilled technique, Fukusuke maximizes the natural flavors of the seafood .... Click here for more detail

037 Ganko (Ginza 1-chome)(がんこ 銀座1丁目店)

Washoku, Kaiseki
Ganko changes their kaiseki menu every month based on the season. Try their “Special Lunch Kaiseki” and “Mini Kaiseki, Sushi Kaiseki, Hon-Kaiseki” to feel the Japanese culture. .... Click here for more detail

039 The Rose & Crown (Yurakucho)(ザ・ローズ&クラウン)

Beer Pub
The Rose & Crown is a fashionable English-style pub with a gorgeous interior and exterior. Roasted Beef is the specialty of this restaurant. Enjoy yourself casually in the British atmosphere .... Click here for more detail

040 Tofuro (Ginza Corridor Street)(土風炉 銀座コリドー街店)

Washoku, Sushi, Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu, Nabe, Soba, Udon, Izakaya, Robata
Shabu-shabu, Nabe, Soba, Udon, Izakaya, Robata Tofuro serves wide variety of washoku using carefully selected ingredients that are directly shipped from farms all across Japan. .... Click here for more detail


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