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Washoku, Izakaya, Nihonshu Bar, Gibier cuisine
Wagalico is a kappo bistro restaurant that mainly serves gibier (wild game) dishes together with fresh seafood and vegetables. They serve gibier at a reasonable price and taste .... Click here for more detail

064 Sushi Ginza Fukusuke (Sunshine 60)(鮨処 銀座 福助 サンシャイン60 店)

Located on the 59th floor of Sunshine 60, Sushi Ginza Fukusuke is the finest place to enjoy the authentic Edo-mae-style sushi while taking in the view from 220 meters up in the sky .... Click here for more detail

065 RIVIERA CAFE green Style(リビエラカフェ グリーンスタイル)

The stylish terrace seats of the Riviera Cafe will pop into your eyes. They are within the grounds of the famous wedding hall “Riviera Tokyo,” and popular for meals prepared by the chef of the wedding hall..... Click here for more detail

066 Nihonbashi Beniton (Ikebukuro Bikkuri-Gard)(日本橋紅とん 池袋ビックリガード店)

Izakaya, Yakitori, Kushiage, Tonkatsu, Yakiton
Nihonbashi Beniton is one of the restaurants that represent the “Japanese izakaya culture.” They offer carefully selected ingredients grilled with charcoal at a reasonable price. .... Click here for more detail

067 HINASUSHI Ikebukuro(雛鮨 池袋)

HINASUSHI is an all you can eat sushi restaurant serving about 60 types of sushi at all times! In addition to standard sushi they have a wide variety from their dynamic “whole anago sushi” .... Click here for more detail

092 Oto-oto (Ikebukuro) (音音 池袋店)

Washoku, Sashimi, Pot cooked rice
Close pay attention to the different sounds of cooking: chopchop from the cutting board and simmering of the hot pot. The sounds of Japanese cuisines are echoing in the kitchen of “Otooto.... Click here for more detail


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