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085 Tempura Osaka (天ぷら 逢坂)

A Simple Tempura Shop that Brings Out the Food's Best Taste. Fresh ingredients, carefully selected in Tsukiji fish market, are lightly fried in a mellow blend of cottonseed and sesame oils. Always kept simple and not needlessly fancy. .... Click here for more detail

057 Misuji(美寿思)

We were first established in 1855 as “Misuji” in Kobikicho, Edo. The Chinese character of “shi” was different from the current name.
.... Click here for more detail

058 Tsukiji Sushi Ichiban (Tsukiji Jogai Shijo) 
(築地 すし一番 築地場外市場中央店

We have more than 300 fish filleting shows in a year! We regularly hold tuna filleting shows. Please come and try the freshly filleted tuna!
.... Click here for more detail

060 Sakurakouji (Shinbashi) (さくら麹 新橋店)

Washoku, Sukiyaki, Shabushabu, Nabe, Izakaya
Try local Kyushu dishes at Sakurakouji! There are over 150 types of shochu and local sake from all over Japan that you can enjoy with chicken dishes that use local ingredients .... Click here for more detail

061 All-Day Dining "HARMONY"

Yoshoku based on French style
Harmony commands a beautiful view of nearby Hama-Rikyu Garden and the dazzling, skyscraping Tokyo Tower. Watch the chefs in action as they create their masterpiece .... Click here for more detail

094 Kamonka Shimbashi GoldFin (過門香新橋店〜GoldFin〜)

Their concept is "to go beyond centuries and boarders by serving Chinsese cuisines that takes pride in their 5000-year history." .... Click here for more detail


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