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078 Bistot Taka (Bistrot Taka)

Bistrot, French
A friendly cozy house, this Bistro is located in a quiet residential area near Yushima shrine. The chef serves authentic flavors of France where he gained his experiences. This Bistro is a cozy house located near Yushima Tenmangu shrine .... Click here for more detail

013 Toriyoshi (Ueno Ekimae)(鳥良 上野駅前店

Washoku, Izakaya, Yakitori
Toriyoshi is surrounded by many walk sightseeing destinations such as the Ueno Park, zoo, and museums. The interior is made in a traditional Japanese style .... Click here for more detail

014 Ueno no mori PARK SIDE CAFÉ(上野の森 PARK SIDE CAFE)

PARK SIDE CAFE provides “relaxation” by serving seasonal vegetables and fresh herb tea. The menus using seasonal vegetables are prepared under the concept of “maximizing the natural flavors.... Click here for more detail

016 Maidreamin (Akihabara Heaven's Gate)
(めいどりーみん 秋葉原 Heaven’s Gate 店)

Maid Cafe
WEnter the world of Otaku culture and experience casting special spells on foods! “Maidreamin” is the NO.1 maid café group of 18 locations worldwide, and Akihabara Heaven’s Gate has .... Click here for more detail

017 Kanda Enzo (Akihabara UDX)(神田炎蔵 秋葉原UDX)

Yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy carefully selected domestic beef along with a wide variety of shochu and other types of alcoholic beverages in the Edo Townhouse-style interior. .... Click here for more detail

018 GUNDAM Café (Akihabara) (GUNDAM Café 秋葉原店)

Entertainment Cafe
Explore the world of “Mobile Suit Gundam,” a Japanese anime classic, at “Gundam Café.” This information base of Gundam will be sure to entertain all types of fans. .... Click here for more detail


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