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Fukusuke Horikawa Chain
-The “Originator of California Roll”-

  • delicious Japan
  • October 2015

The California Roll is now the best known “Japanese food” around the world. To get Americans to accept Sushi, California Rolls have the raw ingredients and nori, which might be visually off-putting, folded into the interior. The result is sushi that retains the flavor and sensation of makizushi (sushi rolls) while being readily acceptable to foreigners. But very few people know that Fukusuke was the birthplace of the California Roll. There are various theories about the origins of the California Roll, but there is documentation attesting that the marriage of sushi and avocado was first devised by the founder of Fukusuke in California, where he had a branch in 1971.

Now as a group company, Fukusuke Horikawa Chain continues to disseminate representative elements of Japan’s food culture, such as tempura, Japanese cuisine, and teppanyaki, as well as sushi. Evolving between tradition and the changing demands of the times, it will go on creating new value, just like the California Roll triggered innovation in the sushi industry.