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Ganko Story -Experience the True Japan at Ganko-

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  • October 2015

Chairman and founder Atsushi Kojima started out by opening a tiny sushi shop of only 15㎡ in 1963, in Osaka, the merchants' capital. The chain now covers Kansai and the capital region. Kojima chose the name “Ganko Sushi” (stubborn sushi) to emphasize the appeal of a small sushi restaurant. Ganko is a nickname given to Kojima when he was a student.

The name was true to his character, and it stuck. Through his care overmany aspects of his business, that character is manifested in every Ganko restaurant. The true Ganko story starts from here..

Care in offering hospitality through Kimono, from heart to heart

Ganko serves its customers in traditional Japanese dress. It goes without saying that the food is delicious. We believe customers are not satisfied before the appearance of the food, the space in which it is eaten, and the highest standard of hospitality, are all lined up. Kimono are beautiful and vivid, but they are not easy to put on. Ganko uses kimono contests on a regular basis to enhance service.

Care for developing cooking skills through cook-off

A staff of around 300 chefs supports the food preparation departments of Ganko branches nationwide. Japanese cuisine brings the flavors of every season through the year. Japanese people have always known that eating foods in their best season (“shun”) is the greatest luxury, and the way to experience their best flavor. Ganko runs companywide “cook-off” food preparation contests, covering all aspects of sushi and washoku (Japanese food), to polish our skills and better satisfy our customers’ tastes.

Hands-on Sushi-making Experience

This “sushi-nigiri” (sushi-making) event is open to groups of two or more people. Participants are taken into a spacious Japanese tatamifloored room with a tokonom alcove, with a deeply Japanese mood. They start by getting ready, dressing in matching jackets. Staff in traditional Japanese dress explain the history of sushi, then a highly-trained itamae (chef) gives a demonstration of “tai no sanmae oroshi” (filleting bream into three cuts) and sushi assembly for the guests to watch. Then, the guests get to try it for themselves. They are provided with cuts of maguro (tuna), salmon, ebi (shrimp), and other sushi toppings, sushi rice, wasabi horeseradish, and nori (seaweed sheet), and try their hands at assembling their own sushi, with the itamae’s guidance. The next stage, after the sushi is ready, is a tasting and mealtime. Check the taste and appearance of your own sushi alongside the work of the pros. The participants receive graduation certificates from the itamae who taught them. This could be your chance to try sushi-making and become an on-the-spot sushi chef!
*Cost: JPY5,000 per person in groups of 2~8 people. JPY3,500 per person in groups of 9 or more. Booking required

Japanese Classical Dance Viewing

Every Sunday, Ganko stages the “Gankoza” viewing of Japanese classical dance, free of charge. This popular and valuable event is an opportunity to enjoy a meal while watching classical dance. The dancers who perform at Gankoza are all highlyskilled veterans of TV and public performances. Watch Japanese classical dancing by professional dancers to feel the true “wa” (cultural character) of Japan.
*Cost: Free. Pay only for your meal. Every Sunday, two viewings at 12:30 and 13:30. Booking required.