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  • December 2017

WFUERZA BRUTA WA !! ~70 Minutes Non-verbal Entermainment~
Fuerza Bruta has performed in 60 cities across 30 countries, and has dazzled over 5 million people from all over the world. The major Japanese entertainment company teamed up with Fuerza Bruta creator, Diqui James to produce an all-new show, “WA!,” which draws inspiration from Japan for both the title and content.

Be prepared for an energetic and dynamic 360 degree performance. Acrobats hang from the ceiling and dangle in midair in jawdropping feats of aerial artistry. Let yourself be enchanted by the dancers as they run across walls, sing, dance, shout, and even swim inside a gigantic suspended pool. Using a specially outfitted stage to accommodate a show that incorporates the simultaneous use of sound, light, wind, water, and film, “WA!” promises surreal realism right before your very eyes.
Show calendar: Dec. 14, 2017 - Feb. 28, 2018 www.fbw.jp/en/

MANGEKYO ~New Drumming Entertainment~
MANGEKYO is a high-level Japanese entertainment show that combines the newest technology of projection mapping and traditional sounds of the Japanese drum “wadaiko”. This show is performed by DRUM TAO, a wadaiko entertainment group known for their top level non-verbal entertainment. They have performed in 500 cities in 23 countries around the world gathering 7 million guests and obtained a great success in an Off Broadway public performance in New York City in 2016.

The 60 performances held in 2017 were well received not only by Japanese guests, but also from foreign visitors to Japan, and 200 performances are planned to be held in 2018. MANGEKYO will contribute to the promotion of Japan and aim to make “Tokyo and the country of Japan a place where everyone in the world wants to come and visit”. https://mangekyo-tokyo.com/en/

Carmenere ~Romantic and Gorgeous Wine Bar~
Enjoy a night flight with Champagne in a space surrounded by 70,000 Swarovski crystals! The interior, the work of a big-name interior designer, is sprinkled with 70,000 Swarovski crystals, creating a romantic, gorgeous atmosphere. When you put a wine glass on the counter, the crystals in the black table reflect the light, so it’s just like being surrounded by the night sky. The name “carmenere” comes from a variety of grape. Matching the name, there’s a broad range of wines, from affordable options to top cuvees, as well as a strong a la carte food menu. Manager Hayano says “I want people to use this as a private place to come with someone special. We always strive to provide smiling and attentive service”. Open 7PM-4AM (Mon-Sat), 7PM-11PM (Sun & Holidays)
4-4-7-B1 Jingumae Shibuyaku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3401-6779

Jazz Bird ~Jazz and Drinks and More on Omotesando Tonight-
You can enjoy the triple combination of food, drinks, and live jazz in a complex space consisting of a bar counter on the 1st floor and a piano table on a semi-basement floor. The food, cooked on the premises, has an ample range and has earned a good reputation. The owner and proprietress Miyo Suzuki says “the concept isn’t to be a pure jazz house, but rather, a place where live music is background while you enjoy your meal and alcohol. That’s why good jazz from a small band is best”. Miyo started in a student band as a student at Waseda University, and turned pro later. She was in demand at major hotels, restaurants, and clubs around the capital. She has even played in Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you're in luck, you can hear her play piano a few times a month. Open 6:30PM-2AM, performance from 7:30PM-11PM (Closed Sun & Holidays).
3-13-1 Kobayashi Bld. B1, Minami Aoyama, Minaktoku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5474-2702