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041 Nihonbashi Yukari(日本橋ゆかり)

Experience the essence of Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price Nihonbashi Yukari is an illustrious name in Japanese cuisine. Established in 1935, it has had access to the Imperial Household Agency .... Click here for more detail

042 ACORN (TOKYO Station Gran Roof Front)
(ACORN 東京駅グランルーフ フロント店)

Bar, Yoshoku (Western Food)
ACORN is a new type of bar that is stylish and casual. In addition to tapas dishes, you can eat dry-cured ham and wide variety of cheese. Their chefs specializing in French cuisines .... Click here for more detail

080 Wolfgang's Steakhouse Marunouchi
(ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス 丸の内店)

The Marunouchi branch of a popular steakhouse in the United States. We use "USDA Prime" grade meat, which has been marked with the highest level of quality by the United States Department of Agriculture, and aged long-term in a specialized aging warehouse to concentrate .... Click here for more detail

081 Genyadana Hamadaya(玄冶店 濱田家)

Washoku, Kaiseki
A long-standing restaurant that was founded in 1912 on the site of a famous kabuki theater, Genyadana. The restaurant allows guests to get a taste of the changing seasons, with the strictly selected seasonal ingredients that arrive every morning, .... Click here for more detail

088 common cafe (Marunouchi Center Building)
(common cafe丸の内センタービル店)

Cafe, Yoshoku (Western Food)
The café's logo design is based on the traditional pattern of the indigenous group, Ainu. Ainu values the “connection of the heart” by sharing and coexisting with nature .... Click here for more detail

089 SAMURAI dos Premium Steak House (Yaesu Tekko Build.)

Steak, Yoshoku (Western Food)
Enjoy the pairing of aged beef and wine in a private dining room with modern and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to steaks, their chefs will serve western cuisines .... Click here for more detail


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